Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind

Seth Fluker & Sheila Heti

¥5,500 (+tax)

Seth and Sheila Stayed Behindは Sheila Hetiの短編小説と Seth Flukerの写真が組み合わされています。Sethと Sheilaは思慕と変遷を描いた Hetiの抽象的な物語の主人公であり、Flukerが撮影した、汚れた雪が積った自動車と堤防の冬のトロントのランドスケープの写真が舞台となっています。

Seth and Sheila Stayed Behind pairs a short story by Sheila Heti with photographs by Seth Fluker. “Seth” and “Sheila” are the main characters of Heti’s abstract narrative of longing and transition, one which sets the stage for Fluker’s photographs of a wintry Toronto landscape, filled with anthropomorphized automobiles and embankments of dirty snow.

Hard cover, case bound
40 pages, 8.46 × 11.4-inch
First edition
Published by New Documents

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