Leaving Records All Genre L/S Tee

Leaving Records

¥7,000 (+tax)

Size: Black-M

LA拠点のプロデューサー Matthewdavidが主宰するインディペンデントレコードレーベル Leaving RecordsのロングスリーブTシャツ。

Leaving Records is an American independent record label based in Los Angeles. Under the direction of Matthewdavid.

100% Cotton

Chest: 49cm 
Shoulder Width: 47cm 
Sleeve Length: 56cm 
Back Length: 70cm 
Chest: 53cm 
Shoulder Width: 54cm 
Sleeve Length: 64cm 
Back Length: 73cm 
X Large 
Chest: 59cm 
Shoulder Width: 60cm 
Sleeve Length: 67cm 
Back Length: 77cm

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