Desert Island Tee

Desert Island

¥5,500 (+tax)

Size: Small / Black

ニューヨークにあるアートブックや Zineなどを取り扱っているコミックブックストア Desert IslandのTシャツ。 デザインは John Broadleyによるもの。

This t-shirts designed by John Broadley and it’s from Desert Island. It's comicbook store in NYC. There has art books, zines and etc.

100% Cotton

Chest: 44cm
Shoulder Width: 38cm
Sleeve Length: 20cm
Back Length: 67cm

Chest: 48cm
Shoulder Width: 49cm
Sleeve Length: 17.5cm
Back Length: 70cm

Chest: 56cm
Shoulder Width: 48cm
Sleeve Length: 22cm
Back Length: 71cm

Chest: 58.5cm
Shoulder Width: 57cm
Sleeve Length: 21cm
Back Length: 76.5cm

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