Time of Nothing

Jim Mangan

¥5,500 (+tax)

ロサンゼルス在住の写真家 Coley Brownが主宰するインディペンデント出版社 Silent Soundからアメリカ人フォトグラファー、フィルムメーカー Jim Manganの作品集。

In his new book Time of Nothing, Jim Mangan looks at the transforming relationships between humans and earth in this abstract series. In 2011 and 2012 the artist explored the entire Great Salt Lake including its solar evaporation ponds from a single engine Cessna plane. By composing each image in a way that flattens the landscape, Mangan not only provides the audience with a non-conventional view, but also emphasizes the many colorful layers that exist along with the subtle presentation of man's ever so invading footprint. 

Hard cover, cloth bound
64 pages, 9.1 × 13-inch
Edition of 600
Published by Silent Sound Books

The Creator's Project, Feb 2017
The Creators Project, June 2016

Featured in the Whitney Museum Library's Book Collection.

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