Beyond Majority Rule

Luke Fischbeck

¥3,000 (+tax)

ロサンゼルスを拠点とする Clare Kellyと John Wieseが主宰するインディペンデント出版社 Hesse Pressからアーティスト、作曲家 Luke Fischbeckによる作品集。

Beyond Majority Rule began by surveying how non-hierarchical groups make decisions, with a particular curiosity as to how groups structured against representation might decide to visually or symbolically represent themselves and their common experience. The results, fictionalized and composited, point to a domain where to be represented means to be recognized—where collective memory and decision-making can be understood as forms of image recognition. Transitional and intermediate, these are images used in the way words are used when spoken, described in the way shadows describe the objects that cast them. Luke Fischbeck is an artist, composer, and organizer living in Los Angeles, one part of Lucky Dragons (with Sarah Rara), one part of Human Resources (a non-profit arts organization).

Soft cover, perfect bound
64 pages, 6.5 × 9-inch
Edition of 500
Published by Hesse Press

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