Olaf Breuning

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ロサンゼルス在住の写真家 Coley Brownが主宰するインディペンデント出版社 Silent Soundから、2019年秋に1000部の初回限定版としてリリースされた、スイス人アーティスト Olaf Breuningの作品集。



Olaf Breuning’s Faces plays against the ubiquitous language of today’s social media photography, creating an extensive cast of characters that emerge out of mundane domestic scenes: making breakfast, dinner leftovers, frost collecting on a window pane, taking out the garbage, a puddle of rain. Each page, an anthropomorphic face that both regards and projects the viewer, is an expression of everyday chaos and kismet – as long as we’re willing to take a look.

Combining a substantial 496 pages of photographs with a compact 7x7 inch square format, Faces will be released in the fall of 2019 by Los Angeles based publisher Silent Sound in a limited first edition run of 1000 copies, each book featuring it’s own unique cover. The playful design invites an organic and unpredictable re-arrangement of the work in essentially endless combinations by the viewer. 

Soft cover, perfect bound
Each copy features unique cover
496 pages, 7 × 7-inch
Edition of 1000
Published by Silent Sound Books

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