Only Built Things 4 Worth Doing - Aaron Bondaroff



スイスを拠点とするインディペンデント出版社Innen books。
Supreme,Anything ,Know WaveやOHWOW GALLERYの中心人物であり、ニューヨークから世界のストリートカルチャーを作り上げてきたAaron Bondaroffが手がけるプロジェクト4WD/フォーワースドゥーイングと、ニューヨークと東京を拠点とするクリエイティブチーム Tea Club Scheme Team/ティークラブスキームチームによるPOP UPイベント“ONLY BUILT THINGS 4 WORTH DOING”の開催の際に作られた

Innen books is an independent publishing house based in Switzerland.
The zine was created for the POP UP event "ONLY BUILT THINGS 4 WORTH DOING" by 4WD, a project by Aaron Bondaroff, who is a central figure of Supreme, Anything, Know Wave and OHWOW GALLERY and has been creating global street culture from New York, and Tea Club Scheme Team, a creative team based in New York and Tokyo.

W13 x H19 cm
Soft cover
Color Offset Print
Edition of 500
Published by innen

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